Friday, January 15, 2010

Goodbye Xavier - You'll Be Missed

One of the blogs - Xavier Thoughts - listed in my "Other Good Reads" section has decided to hang up the keyboard.

I enjoyed reading his blogs - especially the Ugly Gun Sunday posts that he did. If you want to see some really ugly guns head over there quickly before he turns the blog off.

UPDATE: Looks like Xavier will be hanging around for a bit longer - which is fantastic news. If you haven't read his blog yet I suggest you head over there for a look!


Old NFO said...

It is sad when good folks get run off my trolls... Already stopped by and wished him well.

Crucis said...

Me too. I sent a bunch of folks there to read his post about training and new shooters.

Hope he'll just freeze the blog and turn off comments but allow the archives to be accessible. Oh, well. There's a lot a good, practical information there that will be lost.

Julie said...

I agree - I reckon he should turn off comments and remove his email address if that's why he's planning to stop.

But regardless, I can understand him wanting to take a break - as you say Crucis hopfully the practical information will stay available.