Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Did I Bother?

I decided to ring Police Licensing again to see how my licence application was progressing. Here's the conversation:

Me: I'm ringing to find out the status of my firearm's application.

Him: What's your name? What date did you submit the application?

... details given etc ... (For those not up on the story, I submitted an application for two Category A firearms - one a single shot 22 rifle and the other a single shot .410 shotgun on December 7, 2009)

Him: All I can tell you is that it has been received, it has been assigned to an Officer to look at and it's in the queue.

Me: Right. Any idea of how long processing times generally are?

Him: No. I have very little contact with that department. I'm not allowed to put you through to them. Basically if it's assigned to a person they do one after another. You could ring back next week again but I can't tell you anything more.

Me: And I'm guessing when I ring back next week they won't be able to tell me anything more either.

Him: Well you won't know unless you ring back.

Me: Yer, thanks!


FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had enough money to go buy another gun just to show them that screwing us around like this won't stop us ....

UPDATE: I have decided to send Police Licensing Services the following email:

Dear Sir / Madam

I would like to know how long I can expect to wait to hear whether or not my Firearms Application submitted on December 7th is approved or not.

I have run the 1300 number on two separate occassions (Jan 7th and today) but they can only tell me that "it has been received, it has been assigned and it's in the queue" and suggest that I ring again in a week.

They can't (or won't) tell me what position it is in the queue or how long I can expect to wait. I don't see any benefit in calling each week if I can't even be told what position it is in the queue.

I would like some idea of how long the processing times are for applications generally and when the "assigned officer" is likely to get to mine.


I'll let you know what, if any, response I get.

UPDATE2: Here's the response:

I am the same person you spoke to on the telephone a short time ago and have attempted to advise you with the best advice I can provide at this time.

It isn't a case of 'CAN'T', or 'WON'T' inform you of information, its the fact that that is the situation. If you do not wish to take the advice given then that is your decision, however the information still stands.

The assessment team will deal with your application as soon as they can. They can't and won't give time frames and are not allowed contact with applicants and members of the public on the direction of the Auditor General.

The reasons time frames aren't given are varied and are largely to do with applicants and dealers not supplying the correct and required information.

As I've previously stated, your application has been assigned and will be processed.


I'm counting to 10 before responding ....


Old NFO said...

Yep, you 'done pissed em off'... sigh... Too bad there isn't a media outlet that would be willing to ask pointed questions like we have up here.

Don said...

I'd just go buy what you want quietly, from someone you trust. Pay cash. Screw 'em. I've never even so much as had a speeding ticket before, but I will break and/or ignore every gun law on the books, if I have to, to get what I need because our Constitution does not place qualifiers or restrictions on ownership of firearms.

Sorry, this kind of story makes my blood boil...