Monday, September 6, 2010

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Boy, 11, shot in Cranbrook hunting accident

· From: AAP
· September 06, 2010 5:24AM
A BOY was flown to a Perth hospital yesterday after being shot by a friend in a duck hunting mishap on a farm near Cranbrook, 330km southeast of Perth.
The 11-year-old victim had stayed with his friend overnight, and the boys took a .22 calibre rifle to a nearby lake.
WA Police Inspector Jeff Ellis said the boys were standing at opposite sides of the lake when one boy shot the other.
"One of the boys has shot at a duck and the bullet has ricocheted off the lake and hit the boy on the other side,'' he said.
The boy's injuries were not life-threatening, he said.
The wounded boy's friend took him to the nearby Mount Barker Hospital shortly after 2pm and he was taken from there to Albany Hospital.
The Royal Flying Doctor Service then transferred the injured boy to Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth for surgery.
RFDS director of public affairs Lesleigh Green said the bullet lodged near the boy's left armpit close to his heart.
"(But) he hadn't lost much blood and was relatively stable," she added.
Police are satisfied the shooting was an accident, Insp Ellis said.


Nice rifle you’ve got there :)

Apart from that – bit concerned that the “boys were standing at opposite sides of the lake” when shooting.

But again it is important to remember that when shooting near (at) water ricochets do happen!

[update] Obviously “someone” pointed out the discrepancy … here’s the new leader ….



Old NFO said...

I'm surprised they changed it, and when they did change it, they made it 'more' negative (e.g. life threatening, bullet near heart)... sigh...

DaddyBear said...

Plus they were shooting at ducks still on the water. Plus they were hunting ducks with a rifle. This whole situation is a negative lesson for new shooters.

Julie said...

Plus duck hunting is illegal here .....