Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've tried to write this post many times, each time scrubbing it because it doesn't seem to say what I want it to say.

Life is very hectic at the moment and challenging. I feel like I'm juggling at thousand things at once and trying to keep everyone happy. Not sure I'm suceeding at anything though. But it's okay.

I also feel like I've driven a million miles in the last three days without actually getting anywhere.

Still the weather has been beautiful - the spring flowers were looking stunning yesterday ... and there was a gorgeous rainbow the other day. It wasn't actually raining but the rainbow was stunning.

Celebrated Miss (now) 9's birthday on Saturday, and Miss (now) 7's birthday the week before. Both days were great and I'll endeavour to get the photos up soon. Hubby's doing better, walking more and getting involved in things now.

Life is hetic and challenging - but there's lots of wonderful things happening too!


Old NFO said...

Julie- Bearing up in times of stress are enough to make anyone feel less than perfect. Know that by simply putting it on 'paper' you're making a major step in dealing with it. No one can do it all by themselves, regardless of how hard one tries. You do the important first, and whatever else time permits second. Miss 9 and Miss 7 will help if asked (I'm sure), and there is nothing wrong with asking... Hang in there Julie, things WILL get better!

Julie said...

thanks Jim

Berys said...

**hugs** Julie what Old NFO says is a true statement .. God made we Mothers Strong all will fall into place bit by bit ..Love to the Girls and You and Hubby xxx