Monday, September 6, 2010

Update on Hubby

Well, my husband is now out of hospital – sort of. He’s been “transferred” to the “Hospital in the Home” program, which is an initiative of the State Government to get people out of actual hospital beds and into their own beds while still providing a “hospital level of care”.

Couple of observations:

1. He’s not been discharged, he’s been “transferred”. Discharges are done first thing in the morning at hospitals and you’re out by 10am. The “transfer” process took ALL DAY and he didn’t get out of Freo hospital until after 4pm although he was moved out of his bed at 10am.

2. Even though he’s been “transferred” he’s not eligible for ambulance transport between the hospital and home. Given that we’re an hour from the hospital and he has a sore hip the drive was excruciating for him.

3. Having him home is FANTASTIC and the girls are just over the moon.

4. He has a nurse who comes each day and a physiotherapist who comes every second day. Both of those who came over the weekend were lovely and very helpful. However the rest of his “nursing” then becomes the responsibility of the family. He is trying to get around and do as much as possible himself but he can’t carry a cup of tea or anything like that (he’s using a zimmer frame to walk). In our case this isn’t too bad, but I think this could be very challenging in some family situations.

5. He has to go back to the hospital weekly (might be fortnightly later on). This is going to be difficult – not only the hour in the car each way that is going to be painful - but fitting this into my day as well. While going to the hospital each day after work wasn’t the easiest I could still visit when it “suited” me, work and family. The appointments, of course, are only in office hours so now I need to take additional time off work to take him to his appointments. The first one isn’t too bad (it’s at 10am, so I can get the girls off to school first). However, the second one is at 8.30am, meaning I’ll need to leave home just after 7am – I can’t drop the girls off that early at school! So I’m either going to have to see if we can change the appointment or if I can find someone where I can drop the girls off and they can take them to school.

Apart from all of this, it is great having him home and much better for him too – being in a hospital room for 5 weeks just isn’t fun! At least now he can get outside and get some sunlight :) Miss (now) 7 was extremely pleased to have him at her birthday party on Saturday.


Berys said...

Julie ..I am Glad to hear Hubby is home but I am a little concerned about the level of care especially with him having to keep going back to the Hospital .. great that a nurse visits every day But the Visits back to the Hospital well would be ok for me I live 5 mins from the Hospital but such a long way to have a check done and I really feel for Him with the Journey Home in the Car . wishing you both all the Best xxx

Anonymous said...

I would hope some of the pain may subside in a couple weeks.
Tell the old guy "howdy" from us.


Christina RN LMT said...

Glad to hear he's home, but sorry about the long drive. :(
I hope his recuperation proceeds at a rapid clip!

DaddyBear said...

It's great that he's home! Hopefully he recuperates quickly and as painlessly as possible. Those drives to the hospital have to be hell for him. When will he have his next surgery?

Old NFO said...

That's good news Julie, but the back and forth is going to be painful for all... Any chance of a van or something that could transport him in a little more comfort? Here's hoping the pain and problems are at least mitigated by his being home!

Julie said...

Thanks guys ... I have been passing your well wishes onto him. Depression is the other issue at the moment, along with the fact that they've not given him enough pain meds to last the time until his next appointment!!! Looks like they counted a day short!!!

Can't complain about things being boring now can I? :)