Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going Well

Today was hubby's first appointment back at Freo. The drive was pretty good and we got there early - an hour early! I dropped him off (after calling the HitH staff to meet him with a wheelchair) and then went off car-park hunting ... the nearest was 4 blocks away - well, I guess I do need the exercise.

Luckily the Dr was there so they took him in early and changed out the antibiotics etc. The Dr also had the test results of some blood they took yesterday and his kidneys and liver are doing okay; the slight anemia he had is getting less AND his infection markers are down to 14. This is great news. When he was first admitted his infection markers were at 170 - apparently if they are 200 or more they give you a blood transfusion. We're aiming for a level of 5 over the next couple of weeks.

He has two appointments next Friday. The first with the Osteo clinic (the apt is for 8.30am, "no they can't change it, but if you get there before 11am you'll still be seen" - I'm taking a book for this one!) and the second is with the Infectious Diseases Department again.

The Dr has also recommended he drop the amount of Oxycontin he's taking (by a third), so we'll see how his pain goes on that.


Berys said...

Good to Hear all is going ok Julie and yes those early appointments are a Pain especially when you have an Hourand a bit travel to get there I just hope your trafic system is better then ours One breakdown holds the traffic Back even though we have 4 lanes all the way Love to All

Angelo said...

Realmente eu tenho que aprender inglês!

Usei o tradutor pra ler você!

Gostei muito!

See you!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Good to hear it's going well - hope the drives continue to be as good on traffic, and get easier on your hubby!

If you drop the level of pain meds now, will that mean a reserve in what's been issued will build up, so he can dose higher for easing the trip on Friday?

Hope it's good news from here out!

Old NFO said...

Good to hear that! Let's hope the good news continues next week!

Nick said...

I love oxycontin, the few times I had it. Sorry about your hubby. Perth is lovely, been a while since I lived in Australia. Enjoy your blog.

Julie said...

Thanks guys.

Berys I don't think our road system is any better and there's LOTS of 'potential bottlenecks' on the hour's drive - but so far, so good!

Wing he's found that the lower dose isn't working at the moment (although the last could of days have been very busy). So he's taking the higher dose at night and trying the lower one during the day. We'll see how that goes. These are 'slow acting' oxycotin, he also has fast acting ones for dealing with things like the road trips.

Thanks Jim

Angelo thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I hope your knowledge of English is coming along well! (I would have used a translator to put this into portuguese but then that won't help your English, would it :) ).

Nick likewise, "hi" - thanks for stopping by and your good wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie what has happened??????to Hartley??????? please let us know :)

Suldog said...

Glad to hear the good news, and I'll say a prayer that the news continues to be good.