Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day of Cooking

I've decided that I want to stock the freezer up with lots of home cooked meals for when I go back to work.

So today, I've cooked a Chicken, Potato & Vegetable Hotpot (nothing terribly exciting about this recipe but I did use Chinese Five Spices, which has given it a lovely taste), enough Bolongaise sauce for 8 meals (for 4 people) and I've got a vegetable soup cooking now. There's still some beef in the fridge that I will cook up tonight.

What with the meals I've cooked and frozen recently, this lot should give me around 25 meals (for 4). Now I just have to remember to take one out of the freezer each morning before leaving for work.

UPDATE: Miss 5 wasn't completely taken with the soup, but she loved the Bolognaise. Miss 7 liked both.

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