Sunday, July 5, 2009

Range Report

I know I haven't written much about shooting recently, but I have been doing a lot of it. As I am not working at the moment I have been up to the range mid-week as well as Saturday and Sunday.

While I was in Melbourne / the Gold Coast the trigger was tweaked on my gun and an ambi-safety was put on. I LOVE how the trigger feels now. It's very light. So I do have to be a bit careful that I don't put any pressure on it at all until I'm sighted in.

There's a trophy shoot at the club the week after next and I am hoping to do well in it.

Today I had my loads put over a chrono - not done this before - I was pleased to see that they were all pretty close in power and they're making the 1050 fps that I was aiming for.

One thing I have noticed when I shoot is that my first stage (or 20 rounds) are high - always. After that they settle down. I thought it was just me, but today when my friend shot the loads over the chrono he had the same issue. Not sure what could be causing this.

The other news is that I'm still helping out with the trainees on Saturday and the girl I blogged about here and here did her 'Safety Test' on Saturday and passed. This means that she is no longer a trainee and can shoot with the regular squads. It is amazing to see how quickly she has progressed. She went from someone who took 10mins to pull a trigger to a confident IPSC shooter in just a matter of months. Well Done - 'Miss T'.

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Old NFO said...

Good to hear you are continuing to work with the new shooters. A possible issue is the barrel "needs" to be dirty to bring the shots in. I've seen that with rifles where it takes about 4-5 shots for them to come in.