Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Weekend's Range Report - Things I've Not Done Before

This was an unusual weekend of shooting for me.

Firstly, on Saturday I shot Field Bore Metallic Sillhoute. I've not shot shillhoute before and I really didn't realise how difficult it was. In my defence I wasn't shooting my pistol but a club gun (9mm Tanfoglio). I enjoyed the challenge and would like to try again, with my gun and also a revolver.

After the shoot I helped out with the trainees as I do each Saturday. This week there were 3 trainees. The trainer (Les) basically let me run the majority of the training session (under his guidance) which was both challenging and enjoyable.

Today I didn't participate in the IPSC shoot (as I didn't have my pistol) but I did go along to the practical rifle shoot. I used a Winchester lever action .22 rifle and had a lot of fun. There were only about 5 of us doing the shoot today but the stages were well set up and quite challenging. Afterwards I played with my favourite rifle - an 8mm Mauser. The gun belongs to a good friend of mine, but try as I might he won't sell it to me :(

I now have my pistol back and it is now "complete". Since buying it I have had the grips changed (to slimmer ones), a shorter trigger, a mag well, new hammer & sear, an ambi safety and an oversized mag release put in. The trigger has also been tuned and the gun is now BEAUTIFUL and very smooth. Now I just need to practice, practice, practice!!!!

And yes, I'll put a before and after photo of it up soon, I promise.


LL said...

It's VERY important that your handgun fits your hand. Sometimes people underestimate this, but it seems that you have a "good grasp" of the subject.

The shooting sounds as if you had fun.

Old NFO said...

Trigger time! enjoy the new trigger and remember, tip of the finger and squeeze... :-)