Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today's Range Report

Well today was not a good day on the range :( ... Mainly because I got "DQed" (disqualified).

This was a monthly trophy shoot at the club. I've not shot a trophy shoot (for one reason or another) since February so I was really looking forward to it. When the alarm went off this morning however I was in two minds about going - it was pouring with rain at the time and bed was very nice and warm! But I decided that I did really want to shoot this and dragged myself out of bed and up to the range.

I squaded with a great group of guys (there were three squads of around 9 people each) and we went to shoot the stages. There were 4 stages and each of the stages had spots where it would be pretty easy to "break 90".

However, on the first stage we shot, I didn't factor this danger into the way I approached the stage and doing a reload running right to left I broke the 90.

I was really annoyed at myself and disappointed that I didn't get to shoot for the rest of the day, but that's how it goes sometimes. Just got to practice those right to left reloads to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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Old NFO said...

Take it as a learning experience and go on. Just remember it and practice next time at the range...