Thursday, January 7, 2010

Progress of my Firearm Application

Well I phoned the call centre dealing with Firearms Application enquires.

The guy I spoke to was bright and cheery and well trained in customer service.

Conversation went along these lines:

Me: Hi, I submitted an application for two Cat A firearms on Dec 7th and I've not heard anything yet.

Him: I hear that's been happening.

Me: Well I actually heard some rumours that they've got things under control now.

Him: Mmm, well let's see what's happening ... mumble, mumble, ... need to log on ... mumble, mumble ...what's your surname?

... details given etc ...

Him: Well the good news is that we've received your application and it is just in the queue to be looked at.

Me: I'm guessing that you can't tell me how long the queue is?

Him: No, I just work in the call centre and aren't allowed to put you through to the Firearms section.

Me: Can you tell me what date you received my application?

Him: Let's have a look - it was received at Licencing 20 days ago - which means it took 11 days to get from the Post Office to us.

Me: So you can't give me any idea of how long I've still got to wait?

Him: Nope, I could say a week, a month but no, it's in the queue. Is it for hunting or club use?

Me: Club use.

Him: Well there shouldn't be a hold up - you've got a letter from the club and everything?

Me: Yes.

Him: Well it should be straight forward then. The person who it has been assigned to just needs to get to it. They're doing them in order of date received.

Me: Okay. Thanks.

So I'ld like to know who those people are who are getting them within 2 weeks???

(Or maybe you guys are right - the ones who commented on my last post - I've pissed them off and I keep getting put at the end of the queue).


Don said...

So this is what it'll be like here in the states if Barry gets his way? No thanks.

Sorry you have to put up with that BS.

Old NFO said...

Wouldn't be the first time, trust me...

cocked and loaded said...

What a hassle to have to go through.

NotClauswitz said...

"I just work in the call centre..." In Bangalore perhaps? Have they outsourced the civil-service too?:-)
Sorry, sounds like the California DMV - which is how this country will soon be run under Obama by small-minded union thugs..