Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aussie News ... Troublemakers will hear voice from above


IPSWICH City Council will set up portable security cameras with built-in loudspeakers that can warn hoons to think twice before they cause trouble.
The cutting-edge cameras can be set up anywhere to keep an eye on hot spots.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said it was community policing at its best.

"This is about trying to take control of our city," he said.

"A small percentage of people are doing the wrong thing- but we are not going to let these morons get to us.

"If operators see some kids hanging around and think they might be up to no good, they can warn them off, saying: 'Son, I wouldn't do that'," he said.

The cameras will be set up in response to complaints from residents about problems including hoons, vandals, thieves and muggers.

Images are monitored round-the-clock and can be immediately sent to police computers, enabling them to respond to trouble in record time.

The technology has even impressed experts at Britain's Scotland Yard, who described it as "world class".

Three cameras, costing Ipswich $60,000 all up, were bought after a successful trial.

They are the latest addition to the city's army of 160 "Big Brother-style" security cameras, which have reduced crime in Ipswich by 80 per cent in the past five years.

The council runs its "Safe City" camera initiative in partnership with the police and the State Government, at a cost of $840,000 a year.

Cr Pisasale said the city was moving forward.

"This is not about Big Brother spying on law-abiding citizens," he said. "This is about telling the morons who cause civic damage and destruction that they are not welcome in our city."

Umm, okay, three mobile cameras that are going to be set up in trouble spots to WARN possible offenders not to offend.

Mmm, so what's to stop the potential offenders from moving to somewhere where the cameras aren't? ...

Potential offender: "Shall we spray paint this wall?"
VFTS (voice from the sky): "Son, I wouldn't do that!"
Potential offender to mates: "Okay so that's one camera let's go find the other two!"

OR what's to stop them ignoring the VFTS completely?

AND how do you know that someone is "preparing" to mug someone anyway?
VFTS: "Hey, pedestrian in the brown coat please keep your distance from the lady with the pram - we ARE watching you."

AND if the current 160 cameras have already reduced crime by 80% one wouldn't have thought there would be much more to worry about ....

One of the commentators on the original post suggested the following:

I have an alternative solution. Arm the cameras with rifles. If anyone is seen vandalising property, assaulting a person etc., open fire on them. No warning. No left-wing, do-gooder excuses. After a few examples, the crime rate would be close to zero.
Posted by: Naden S of Perth 10:48am today

Now if this was done I could see the benefit of the cameras :)

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Anonymous said...

Am liking the alternative solution! And do you really think they will listen to a voice through a loudspeaker, it's not like they don't know that what they are doing is wrong. "Son, I wouldn't do that." "Oh crap, is this naughty? I'm so sorry Mr Voice Box Sir, it won't happen again..." Yeah right!