Friday, October 17, 2008

Why do I shoot?

Roberta X asked the following:

How about you? Why do you shoot? Why do you carry, if you carry at all?

Why do I shoot?

Living in Australia the official answer has to be because I enjoy competing in IPSC. And while that statement is totally true I also shoot for other reasons.

I took up pistol shooting when working in a very, very, very stressful job. Aiming the pistol at the target, thinking of the myriad of things you need to think about when you first start shooting I found for the first time during this particular employment period I forgot about work. It became truly an escape from the stress of the job.

Even now, I am still at the stage where I can’t think about anything else when I’m shooting. Nothing else matters only getting the bullet on the target as quick (and as safely) as possible.

I also shoot as, even though self-defence is not a valid reason for owning a firearm in Australia, I would like to have the necessary skills and ability to defend my family and myself.

I have never been hunting and I’m not sure I would enjoy it. Maybe .. maybe not. I have nothing against animals being killed for a) food or b) because they are causing damage to food crops. I’m not interested in just killing things for fun. And I guess that if I am willing to eat meat then I should be willing to kill it to eat. So yes, I guess I would go hunting if the opportunity came up.

Why do you carry, if you carry at all?

I don’t carry. It is illegal here.

Would I carry if it was legal? Yes, most definitely.

Why? Simple answer is “a cop is too heavy”. Seriously though, I would carry mainly because I do not want to be a victim. I believe that defence of self and family is my responsibility alongside my partner (of course, and yes, he shoots too).

I would carry hoping that I would never have to draw the gun on another human being, but I would be willing to draw the gun and shoot if it meant not being a victim to anyone's ill intent.

What about you?

Why do/don't you shoot? Why do you carry, if you carry at all?

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