Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Range

Saw this idea over at “The Real Gun Guys” and thought you might like a look at where I shoot (Orange Grove Shooting Association, Western Australia).

As you can see we have two range areas – the upper one (right hand side of picture) is used mainly for rifles, shotguns, metallic silhouette. The lower one is where I shoot IPSC (ICOR and other pistol/revolver shoots take place there too).

The lower range area is divided into 8 ranges, of which we generally only use 5 or 6.

The club house is the greenish building between the two areas. The white building in the lower range area is just an open shed.

For those interested, the area used to be a quarry and therefore surrounded by VERY HIGH rock walls. I will take some pictures of this when I’m next up there.