Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today's Range Report #1

Very profitable time at the range today.

My friend fitted the new recoil spring for me (and firing pin spring) (yes, I can do it, but I was doing something else at the time). He didn't fit the mag well due to time constraints.

Anyway went up the range, I decided not to shoot with the regular squads but just give the gun a workout to see how it goes.

My friend fired first and the first round failed to eject. But from then on the gun worked perfectly. For both him and me. I used my reloaded rounds and the Chip McCormick mags and everything just came together.

He then mentioned that he thought I wasn't holding the gun firmly enough, so we worked on that for a bit and holding the gun firmer made a HUGE difference with the amount of recoil I was experiencing.

I also need to work on my draws to ensure that I get the gun correctly into my hand each and every time. I have a Blackhawk Serpa holster with a "release" lever which helps with the draw but sometimes I get the beaver tail just off centre.

We then shot a stage which wasn't being used by the other squads at the time, there were 4 boxes and 5 targets. From the first box - one shot to each target freestyle; second box - one shot to each target kneeling; third box - one shot to each target strong hand and fourth box - one shot to each target weak hand. (With a mandatory reload between each box). I had problems with the gun ejecting when I shot weak hand only - but I know that I wasn't holding it firmly enough. The first time I shot the stage my time from signal to first shot was about 3.5secs. We did a bit of practice on this and I managed to get the time down to around 2.5secs.

There is so much to remember and work on with IPSC style shooting - I'm hoping some of it becomes automatic soon :)

If all goes smoothly I will go back to the range tomorrow and actually shoot the stages - will have to do some reloading tonight.

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