Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gun Stuff

I recently bought a Dillon Square Deal so I can reload my own 9mm rounds.

The press sort of worked but I have always had problems with primers feeding and seating, now I've only reloaded a couple of hundred rounds and this is my first experience with reloading so I assumed it was a problem with me rather than the press.

When my hubby and I sat down to do some reloading on Monday night we decided to take the primer feed assembly apart to check it and we discovered that the little plastic feed thingy (technical term) was split. Fortunately Dillion provide a replacement with the press so we put that it and it worked perfectly for the 150 rounds we did that night (phew!)

I contacted Dillon via email yesterday afternoon asking how I can source replacements in case it happens again. I recevied a reply this morning asking for my address as they're happy to send me some free of charge - which I think is pretty impressive!

Thanks Dillon!


Tam said...

Dillon's customer service is legendary. It's more responsible for their success than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Full agreement on Dillon customer service. On my 550B, I'm approaching 100,000 rounds. Can't honestly remember the last time something not my fault broke and put the machine out of action. And the stuff that's my fault is replaced, free, within a couple of days. More than that I can't ask for.

Somerled said...

I'm still running a Dillon 550 I bought in 1984. I keep a camel-hair brush on the bench to clear debris from the shell plate particularly around the primer seating area. That keeps it running freely.

It's the best investment I've ever made. Other equipment comes and goes. The Dillon is a constant.

Julie said...

James, wow 100,000 rounds - impressive!

Thanks somerled for the camel hair brush idea. I've been trying to work out what would be best for that purpose - was thinking along the mini-vacuum cleaner idea but i think i'll give the brush one a go first.

Jerry The Geek said...

Dillon's the best. But remember, now and then you have to send it in to get reconditioned. I sent my XL650 in for a rebuild last winter, after only 17 years of use.

Get on the mailing list for Dillon's monthly catalog. And get a 'spare parts kit', you'll be glad you did.

Welcome to Gun Blogging!

Julie said...

mmm, in that case Jerry i might have to plan a trip to the US to coincide with its refurbishment ... 17years should give me enough time to save :) Thanks for the welcome.

Assrot said...

I have never used Dillon equipment myself but I hear it is good stuff from many other folks.

I prefer RCBS reloading equipment. I have a "Rock Chucker" press that I've probably loaded between 25 and 30 thousand rounds on. Never had a problem. It's still going strong.

I'm pretty sure all RCBS presses and dies are guaranteed for life.

Good luck with the Dillon. I hope you enjoy shooting and reloading as much as I do.

Welcome to the blogosphere.


Julie said...

thanks, Joe