Friday, October 10, 2008

Things I Didn't Know About a Glock

mmm ...
1) didn't know that Glocks come in 0.04 calibre and
2) where's the safety latch?

he was at least fined and a conviction was recorded.


Policeman fined for pointing gun at colleagues

Todd Cardy, court reporter

October 10, 2008 11:57am

A POLICEMAN in Perth's rail unit has been fined $2000 for pointing his loaded police-issued pistol at colleagues on two occasions.

Sen-Constable Clifford Harold Warner, 37, faced three years’ jail and a maximum $12,000 fine after today pleading guilty to two counts of pointing a firearm at another person.

Police laid the charges against the now stood-down father-of-two under the Firearms Act following a complaint.

The Perth Magistrates Court today heard that on August 11 this year Sen-Constable Warner took out his holstered 0.04 calibre Glock pistol and aimed it a female constable while at the Rail Unit office at Perth Station.

Two days later, he again pointed his loaded weapon at a male officer for a few seconds in front of five or six others while having a meal at the end of a shift.

There were no threats of violence and his finger was not near the safety latch but he was stood down by the force on August 15.

The court heard that his actions were treated as a "joke", with the policeman who was aimed at giving Sen-Constable Warner an "expletive" then saying, "Geez, your barrel needs a bit of a clean."

Defence lawyer Michael Judd said his client was "greatly embarrassed" and remorseful at his actions but he did not have any recollection of the first incident with the female constable, which was only reported after the August 13 incident.

Mr Judd said the unit team were good friends and worked as a close-knit group.

"It is in this pressure cooker environment that this kind of tomfoolery can occur," he said.

Magistrate Wayne Tarr told Sen-Constable Warner that as a police officer he should have known better than to "skylark with a firearm".

"I just can’t understand what was going through your mind when you took your firearm out and pointed it at a colleague," Magistrate Tarr said.

"With the training that you are provided you must have known it was fraught with danger."

Magistrate Tarr fined him $1000 for each count and rejected a defence plea for a spent conviction, which would have removed the conviction from his criminal record.

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