Monday, October 6, 2008

Entering the World of Blogging

hi everyone

i've been debating for awhile now as to whether or not to take the plunge and put my thoughts down in this format ... i have been running a blog on a weight loss site for just over a year and a half but now that my focus has moved away from weight loss at the moment i thought that it might be time to venture out into the generic world of blogs.

i read a number of blogs regularly (i'll get around to adding them to a blog roll in the next couple of days) and from reading these blogs i've been exposed to various types of humour, ideas, beliefs and thoughts. I have been entertained, bewildered, shocked, challenged and educated. I hope that anyone reading this blog will also experience some of these things as well.

I have no idea of the focus or direction of this blog at this point in time. I know it will be a place for me to put down some of my ideas, rave about shooting & guns, share some of my ideas of living with kids and probably rave about various social, political and economical factors affecting my life.

Please feel free to leave comments .. look forward to getting to know you ...


ST said...

I look forward to reading this blog. I've bookmarked it already.

Steve (aka steve59)

Tam said...


Somerled said...

Tam pointed me here. Welcome, Julie! It's always good to hear from a left-coast powder burner down under or up yonder.


Doug aka Somerled