Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gun People Are Nice People

I'm amazed at how nice and helpful I've found everyone I've come into contact with the shooting is.

Some examples:

* went up to the gun club I'm a member of (not the IPSC one) which is attached to a gun shop, I was looking for some mag holders. The ones in the shop didn't hold my mags securely enough, the guy behind the counter asked me when I needed them for - that weekend - so he offered to go home and get his personal ones for me to borrow! I didn't take him up on the offer but it was really nice of him.

* got speaking to one of the guys at the IPSC club about reloading. He asked what type of press I had - Dillon Square Deal - the following week he turned up with a whole lot of spare parts for the Dillon Square Deal which he no longer needed. He wouldn't take any money.

* contacted a member of the IPSC club about the phone number for the guy to buy projectiles from (as it wasn't listed in the phone book). He gave me the phone number, the address and alternative suppliers and the offer of a 1000 bullets if I couldn't source the ones I wanted in the timeframe I needed.

* rang the guy about the projectiles and he asked me how I was finding my reloads. We would have spoken about different issues and stuff for at least 1/2hr (they're performing quite well but the gun is difficult to clear with a round in the chamber). He suggested I bring the gun and my reloaded rounds and mag into the shop, which I did and we spent another good hour discussing options. He ended up ringing a local gunsmith to chat to him about a possible solution.

these events are in addition to the help and advice I've received on the range from different people.

Gun owners are nice people :)

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