Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today's Range Report #5

Good day shooting today ... was a bit unenthusiastic about actually going (have to be there before 9am and I didn't get home from a quiz night until mid-night last night!). Anyway, I went ...

There were 5 stages today, 2 squads shooting - about 8 or 9 people in each squad. It was an ICOR (Revolver) shoot rather than courses designed for semi-autos but it was fun.

Unfortunatey I forgot to take my camera with me so sorry, no pics.

One of the stages had a disappearing target. To make it appear you had to shoot a popper (which I managed to miss :( .. not sure why, another stage had three poppers and a similar distance and I managed to get all of them on the first shot - which was good as that was a limited shot stage)... this stage was "unlimited" so I just shot the popper again (and got it).

The downside to this is that the stage was 11 shots - shooting twice at the popper meant I had to do a reload :( ... This is only the second time I have shot at a disappearing target - I managed to get three shots off at it - but only hit it once (and hit the "no shoot" which was in front of it (but lower) once too - not happy!

... In all the courses of fire I only dropped two shots - both hit the adjacent no shoots. The rest of my shots would have been "A's" (in most cases) with IPSC targets - but were A's & B's (and the odd C) with the Icor targets.

I still had problems with the gun jamming on most of the stages - not all though. Not sure why. Lost quite a bit of time trying to clear the jams.

I think some of the problem is due to me not pressing the mags in far enough ... bashing the end of the mag seems to solve the jamming problems in some cases. Other times I have to actually lock the slide open to be able to drop the mag - very time hungry.

Anyway, I had fun.

Next Saturday I have my PTer coming to watch. I'll try and remember to take my camera.

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