Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gun Stuff

The guy who I buy my projectiles off suggested two things:

* I need to flare the cartridges more as the projectiles are getting "shaved", my crimp however is fine.

* The inside of the barrel needs to be drilled out a bit. The bullets are catching on the edge of the rifling. This is happening partially because I'm reloading the bullets longer than factory (so that they work in the 38super mags), but even the factory rounds are catching and are difficult to extract from the barrel.

He spoke to a gunsmith on my behalf about this and he's expecting me tomorrow to do this.

I'm a bit nervous, the person who has been my mentor regarding gun stuff is currently in Bali (some people!) and I'm not sure I want to go ahead with this without discussing it with him first.

However, he only gets back on Monday and I fly out to Sydney on Wednesday (for a week) which means that if I wait it will be a couple of weeks. Additionally, there's a medal shoot this weekend and it would be nice to have the gun performing 100% for this.

The gun actually works pretty well, it's just that it is difficult to clear.

He has also given me a reloading formula that he thinks will work for me and he suggests using small rifle primers rather than small pistol ones. I think I will reload 10 using these primers and his formula and see how I go.

Still not sure about the gunsmith tomorrow.

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