Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Shooter - Twofer

Took my girls shooting a couple of weeks ago - it was their first time holding a gun. Here they are with my Ruger 22/45. They also tried the Springfild 9mm but it was a bit heavy for them. I held the gun while they shot and they both asked when we could go again.

Here's one of my 5y.o.:

Here's one of my 7y.o.:

I'ld like to try them with an air rifle next.


Anonymous said...

Julie they look so cute! :o) I'm glad they enjoyed it.

Old NFO said...

Watch out... next thing they will want their own! :-) Great to start them young!

Julie said...

hahaha Jim, little one has already asked me if she can have a belt, holster and a "little" gun :)

Old NFO said...

:-) At least it is a GOOD habit!