Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sydney Trip

The purpose of my Sydney trip was to meet up with a bunch of "on-line" friends for a weekend (with a cursory visit to my head office and a few other places thrown in).

In all nine of us turned up (some with partners & families in tow). Two from Western Ausralia, one from Queensland, one from the Australian Capital Territory, two from Victoria and the other three from various parts of New South Wales.

It was a fantastic time of laughter, talking, chocolate, ice-cream, walking, climbing stairs (Sydney has lots of stairs) and generally hanging out.

Three of us decided to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb on the Saturday morning, while the rest lounged around drinking lattes ... well except the three mad things who went off to the local gym to do a cycle class!

Here's a picture of us three at the top of the bridge:

It was a VERY windy day ... but definitely well worth the money. Loved the climb (and I'm not one for heights) and the view was spectacular.

The only problem with the weekend was that it was over way too soon :( ...

Oh, here's a picture from my shopping trip - unfortunately I didn't buy anything (they didn't have the Mauser I wanted). In fact, they didn't have very much in the way of firearms at all. The US State Department is playing games with orders they placed in March and August.


Old NFO said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip :-) Those are always fun! I'm just up the road for a couple of weeks... Well, if Japan can be considered up the road that is... :-)

DBFiveGirl said...

The pic of you lot on the bridge is a great one.