Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Shooter Report - Another Twofer

Well, sort of ... had a friend come up to the range with me yesterday. She had never shot before but had a go with my 9mm Springfield and a friend's ("hi" Bill), revolver. She enjoyed it so much she's coming again in two weeks and bringing her husband with her!!!

I've not got a photo (left my camera behind). I did take one of her on her phone - I'll see if she will send me a copy and I'll post it.

UPDATE: Here's the photo:

The second "newbie" was my mum! She has never had anything to do with shooting, but after watching the girls and hubby helping me reload the other night she decided to take up my offer to come to the range today.

I started her off on the .22 Ruger (after my 7y.o. shot off a magazine). She survived that, so I thought I would try her on the 9mm. I only loaded one mag (10 rounder) as I was sure she would shoot of 3 or 4 rounds and decide that was enough - boy, was I wrong ... I think she ended up shooting about 40 rounds! Just goes to show you can never tell.

Here's the photo.

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Old NFO said...

hehehe- Just because she's your mom, don't count her out! Mine carried a .38 special in her purse till the day she died, and she shot it on a regular basis!