Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Range Report #7

Well, I actually missed a range report from Nov 16th. That was a six stage medal shoot. The stages where quite challenging - one had two disappearing targets off one poper - not something I am good at (yet!).

Gun jammed a lot - I think I was pretty tired when I started the shoot. I had spent the morning chasing shot put balls at Little Athletics (which is worse than it sounds because there were 13 joeys - under 6's - who get to use a tennis ball and they don't 'put' it, they THROW them ... and they get 3 shots each). So I am thinking I wasn't actually holding the gun firmly enough.

The good things about the shoot was that I was in a squad with 4 other people - two of which were females! So for once, the girls out numbered the guys (we don't have many girls in the club). One of the guys had recently returned from the World Shoot in Bali and gave me lots of tips (thanks, Vaughan). The other good thing was my accuracy - on three of the six stages I got all "A's" (one was a 26 round course), on another stage I got all A's except for 1 C (let's not talk about the other two stages).

HOWEVER, I was SLOW. Due to the tiredness, jams and just general slowness :)

On the shoot yesterday (last organised shoot for the year), my accuracy was down a bit, BUT the gun behaved perfectly and my times were a bit better - well I tried anyway. The guys I was shooting with were giving me a hard time about taking so long - after one round the RO said to me that he was really close to yelling out "Stop looking at the target - pull the #$#@$# trigger!" on pretty much every target. The last stage was a "El President" (?) shoot. I tried to go faster - but it still took me over 14 seconds. I guess I'll get there eventually.

All good fun though!

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